Rental Application

Print this page as a checklist to ensure we have all of the required information.

Please be prepared to pay the application fee of $25.00 per applicant.

NOTICE: If you can not provide all of the required information per this checklist, please DO NOT apply.   Your application will not be accepted and you will loose your non-refundable application fee.

Check List

___ 1. Three (3) years of rental history as well as contact information for your rental references.

___ 2. Two (2) personal references, that are NOT RELATIVES and WILL NOT live with you, and their phone numbers.

___ 3. Information about ALL pets.

___ 4. One (1) emergency contact that WILL NOT live with you and their phone number.

___ 5. Information about ALL vehicles.

___ 6. Fill in all spaces for "Your Income".

In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide:

___ 1. A copy of a VALID form of photo identification.

___ 2. Information on your monthly income

Acceptable Forms of Proof of income.  Provide one (1) of these options.
    a.) Two (2) Most Recent Pay Check Stubs.
    b.) Copies of Tax Filings for the past two (2) years. (1st page showing Gross Income)
    c.) Letter from employer on company letter head stating monthly Gross Income.  (New Hires Only)

Please note: All properties require gross income is at least three (3)  to (4) times the monthly rent amount depending on credit.   Non-married applicants: both of the applicants must qualify, based on income, by themselves.
___ 3. Copies of additional sources of income to be counted towards your monthly income to qualify. (child support, social security, pension, retirement income, etc...)

Application Policies
1. Each applicant 18 years of age and older must submit a separate rental application.
2. Applicants under 21 years of age are required to have a co-signer. Co-signers must fill out a complete application
with application fee.
3. Applicants must view the property in person. Property WILL NOT be rented “sight unseen”.  The condition of the property at the time of showing will be the same condition it is rented in.
4. All applications are subject to final approval by landlord.
5. Applications will be accepted from multiple prospective tenants.  If both applications are approved, the best prospective candidate will be chosen.

Upon Approval - Property Condition
The property will be thoroughly photographed to document the move-in condition. You will have a 10 day discovery period after taking occupancy to fill out and return a “Move-In Inspection” form. The discovery period allows you to bring any problems to light that may not be evident during the showing. (Legitimate Problem Examples: Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances, HVAC) (Excluded Examples: Noises, Smells, All Discolored Surfaces, All Dirty Surfaces) Upon termination of the tenancy a move out inspection will be performed. The security deposit will be charged for damages and required cleaning.

Upon Approval - Property Inspections
The property manager will make an informed walk through of the property approximately 45 days after the move in date.  If there are no problems, visits will be spaced at 6 month intervals.

Application Instructions
Click on the icons below to view and print the PDF versions of the "Rental Application" and "Background / Credit Check Release".
Each applicant is required to fill out a separate "Application" and "Background / Credit Check Release".  The non-refundable application fee is $25.00 per applicant.
Non-Refundable Application Fee - Certified Funds Required - Money Order or Cashiers Check
ID - Photo Copy of your Valid Drivers License
Mailing Instructions
Fill out the "Application" and "Background / Credit Check Release".  Mail both completed forms along with a copy of your ID and the non-refundable application fee to:

Moore Team Rentals, LLC
PO Box 846
Hendersonville, NC 28793
Janis Moore
Janis Moore
404 South Main Street Hendersonville NC 28792